Sunday, April 20, 2014

Turn Those Vibrators Off! Trying the Sleep Here!

Ok, this is one of those news items one cannot help but laugh at even though one (tired) young lady is feed up with the nighttime playtime of her female comrades.  Humor takes on many different forms folks.

Staff Sgt. Tina Lang, stationed at Fort Polk, LA , and taking part in the Joint Readiness Training Center wargames; had had enough.  She is a team leader for the 790th Explosive Ordnance team and she needs her sleep.

But army regs says that she cannot sleep in the same building as the rest of her company - instead, she has to join the other women in their own building (aka "The Hen House".  This blogger's made up term).   But, when its lights out, the vibrators come out to play in the Hen House.

And the unit commanders - all males, refuse to bring up this matter with the female NCOs.  Maybe they are affraid of being brought up on sexual harassment charges by the female members of the unit.

As for Staff Sgt. Tina Lang, she is sneaking back out to a company quarters building and sleeping soundly.
Check out the main story in the Ref section below.  But - this also raises the question as to why vibrators have to be so loud to begin with???

1. "Loud Vibrators Are Causing Soldier To LoseSleep" by Dick Scuttlebutt.  April 19, 2014,(

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