Sunday, January 12, 2014

Phicen Fine Female Figures

I was getting tired of only having time to link articles that I found interesting to this blog.  Then, I finally had some down time to just sit down and think of a post to write about and that it was related to my hobby of action figure collecting.

It seems that Phicen's new Female Seamless Body is a big hit for action figure collectors.  And the newest version features a internal skeleton armature made from durable stainless steel to withstand playability without being easily damaged.  Each skeleton armature has 26 points of articulation using a ball-jointed design, for maximum flexibility and movment.  Each joint is thus able to move freely and consistently within 90% accurate of human movment.  This means that "the bodies are able to make countless dynamic poses to iimitate the attitude, posture, and energy of any character" to quote the email that I received announching this new figure.  Going on further with the quote: "The steel metal armature is wrapped with a non-toxic-environmentally friendly medical-grade material specially developed for Phicen bodies. The material features durable, anti-cracking qualities that are easy to clean, but not easy to stain or dye." end quote.

I've viewed the Black Fox on Fire figure on Cotswold Collectibles website, and on their Facebook page.  They have just received Phicen's new red head known as "Red Fox on Fire" figure.  I am in love with the face scuplt with this figure.

The basic Female Seamless Body figures come with different skin tones and bust sizes.  On average, they are $104.99 each.  Both the Black Fox on Fire and the Red Fox on Fire figure sells for $125.99 each on Cotswold Collectibles website.

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