Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blizzard of February 25, 2013!

As a life long resident of West Texas, I normally do not see this much snowfall.  First time ever due to bad weather I had to stay overnight with friends since my pickup truck was stuck in their driveway.

The storm was so bad that Interstate 27 between Lubbock and Amarillo had to be closed.

Luckily, we were able to clear the driveway this morning and I was finally able to go back to my place to check on it.  The heaters kept the RV warm inside after all without burning the place down which is a fear of mine since the RV is so old.  Getting in and out of my property required careful driving skills and I still ended up fish tailing on the way out to go to a wi-fi site to update my blog.

I am sooo looking forward to Monday, March 4th.  According to the forecast models, it is suppose to be in the low 70s!

First picture is of my driveway looking south.  The second is the snow bank near my storage sheds.

1. KCBD.com. "Blizzard forces Lubbock businesses to chill out" by Alex Zielinski.  February 25, 2013. (http://www.kcbd.com/story/21347142/blizzard-forces-lubbock-businesses-to-chill-out).
2.  Images are my own.

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