Thursday, July 14, 2011

BIG RC model of Kawanishi H8K (Emily)

I found this cool looking video on YouTube of a Japanese World War 2 flying boat known as the Kawanishi H8K (Emily).

The full scale aircraft had a wingspan 124.67 feet and a length of 92.29 feet. Height was 30 feet. Max speed was 290 mph and a range of 4,461 miles. Crew of 10 and powered by (4) Mitsubishi Kasei 22 radial engines - 14 cylinder heads producing 1,850 horse power each.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by one SkyCaPtainJP2008 on September 15, 2009. Reading in the comments section, the model flew twice before being disposed of - sad.

The same video also shows a big Mitsubishi G4M "Betty" twin engine bomber that had a accident on landing.


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