Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Quake Before/After Images. Possible Reactor Meltdown Taking Place

On, there was a photo article that has before and after aerial images of the region following this huge earthquake disaster.

Andrew Kesper used Google map images to create this report. Please visit the website link below to view these pictures.

Then this report from Michelle about possible nuclear reactor meltdown taking place at the Fukushima #1 reactor.

Then there is this third Tsunami earthquake news item I came across. Video of the tsunami hitting the Sendai Airport. The Sendai airport is in the Miyagi Prefecture, in the northeast area of Japan. This puts it close to the epicenter of the 8.9-magnitude earthquake that sparked the tsunami. Any airplanes that were on the tarmac were either cover up by the water or washed away by the tsunami.

While it is a small airport, it has been heavily damaged and it has caused the Japanese government to cut back or even halt all Transpacific flights for now.

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