Sunday, September 14, 2008

Flash Force 255 Bunker (The Blog)

This is a general introduction blog to the hobby of collecting action figures, chiefly the 1/6th scale variety known generically as G.I. Joe (produced by Hasbro Inc.).

Do a web search for action figures, G.I. Joes, etc; you will find a whole bunch of sites. One of the groups that I am a proud part of is known as Flash Force ( ). A fictitious semi-government task force that is assigned the dirty jobs in the 1/6th scale world. Security, Covert Special Operations, Air, Land, Sea, and Space capable task groups make up what is now referred to as the “International Special Operations Command.” The name change came in part, after the September 11, 2001 attacks. Plus, the group didn't want anyone thinking that this was an actual government group if they were doing a web search and our little collectors club came up in the search engines. Flash Force was created by Teddy M. Terstegge. And under Yahoo Groups, you will find our membership posting messages there. This is a quote pulled from the recruiting page of the main website:
Flash Force is a unique hobby group dedicated to special operations and scale action figure enthusiasts worldwide. Flash Force represents the boldest and brightest in recreational communities, effectively integrating sophisticated and technologically networked interaction with "real-world" activities and events.The unit has established a truly global presence by enlisting hundreds of members in more than twelve (12) nations around the world.

Please go this this page to read more about becoming a member of Flash Force ( ). Spend some time there reading over such things like Command Overview. Organization and History. Emblems and Insignia, etc. There is a gallery there full of stuff that Teddy and other members of Flash Force has done over the years. I got hooked into the group by following Teddy's web posting of his 1/6th scale model of the Blackhawk helicopter that he built, and was given the name”Midnight Magic”. ( ) I ended up becoming the Two Hundredth and Fifty-Fifth member of the group (hence Flash Force 255).

But this particular blog will also cover my other hobbies and interests as well. Mostly with radio control model airplanes. And sometimes with role-playing and or war games and the miniatures that go with them. I am also into art, computers, writing (hence the blogs).

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